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express delivery

Luxembourg City Area

691 212 691

Delivered By Bicycle

◊ 100% environmentally friendly
◊ 100% emission free
◊ Fastest option through city traffic
◊ Fully compatible with modern mobility and transport concepts

The Service

Document and parcel delivery by bicycle throughout Luxembourg City.


Monday – Friday | 8h00 – 18h00

Documents | Parcels | Medication | Advertising

Express: 30-45 minutes Standard: 120 minutes Day: Within the day

Administrations: Registre de commerce (RCS)| Bureau des passeports, visas et légalisations (Apostilles | Légalisations) | Tribunal administratif | Bureau d’impôt | Enregistrement | etc.

One way | Round trip | Multiple destinations

Maximum size: 48x40x19cm | Maximum weight: Up to 10kg

Weather: Sun | Rain | Wind | Snow

Call | 691 212 691 |

How to make an order:


1. Call us | 691 212 691 |

2. Tell us your name/company, adress and telephone number

3. Tell us the pick up spot | name, adress |

4. Tell us the delivery spot | name, adress |

5. Tell us the urgency | express | standard| day |

6. Done

Livraison express Luxembourg - Express delivery Luxembourg

the fastest bikes in town


when we say express | we mean express

◊ 30 – 45 minutes ◊

Discover our unique Pharmacy Service

The medication home delivery service


appreciated by everyone looking for a convenient and good service.


EXPRESS – 30/45 minutes

This is what we do best. Passing traffic, this allows us to assure you a delivery within 30-45 minutes. 10 to 15 minutes for pick up and 10 to 15 minutes for delivery. The 15 minutes left, only a safety window.
Enjoy the pleasure of urgent delivery.


STANDARD – 2 hours

Not urgent, but still fast, then this might be your choice. Delivery is guaranteed within the next 2 hours.
Easy and fast.


DAY – 1 day

No stress, in the evening is okay. Day delivery assures the delivery within one day when order is placed before 14h.
Paid holidays, thanks.


Contact us for further details and rates.  691 212 691 / info(at)

BC Advertising

BC Advertising

The moving advertisement on bicycle | Targeted advertising in the real world


- Meeting people where they are -

◊ A unique and exclusive advertising medium that guarantees attention ◊
◊ Chose the route and time slots of display accordingly to the habits of your target group ◊
◊ Reduce the distance between the target group and your advertisement and increase the impact of your advertisement ◊

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Get your campaign running:

691 212 691 ◊

Pharmacy Service

Medication Home Delivery Service

1. Call us the day before you want the delivery | 691 212 691 |

2. Tell us your name/company, address and telephone number

3. STANDARD: The next morning we pick up the prescription | EXPRESS: We pick up the prescription at the latest 1 hour after your call.

4. STANDARD: In the afternoon we deliver the medication | EXPRESS: Bikecourier delivers the medication within 1 hour.

5. Tell us the urgency | standard | expresss |

6. Done


next day delivery


delivery within 1 hour


Zone 1:

  • Belair
  • Bonnevoie-Sud
  • Centre-Ville
  • Clausen
  • Gare
  • Grund
  • Hollerich
  • Kirchberg
  • Limpertsberg
  • Merl
  • Pfaffenthal
  • Pulvermuehl
  • Rollingergrund

Zone 2:

  • Bonnevoie Nord
  • Cessange
  • Gasperich

Zone 3:

  • Beggen
  • Dommeldange
  • Eich
  • Weimerskirch

Zone 4:

  • Neudorf

Zone 5:

  • Cents

Zones 6:

  • Strassen

1 zone : + 0% | 2 zones : + 10% | 3 zones :  + 25% | zone 5/6/extra : + 50%

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Information 1

It’s the passion and fun that make us unique


the challenge that makes us the strongest


We love what we do and so it happens that we do it good, even better than we expect.
It is the passion for what we do and the fun for how we’re doing it, that makes us so special, unique and good.
It’s more than a job.

Remember yourself back when you were kids, playing around, riding around with your bike to meet your friends and escape for some time to play in the woods. Can you remember that feeling, that feeling of freedom, excitement and fun? That is how we feel when we deliver for you. And with every ride if long or short, we know we live because we do what we love.
 There will always be a new challenge.
Express deliveries are always a challenge for us. How fast can we go? Do we make it? How much spare time will be left at the end? In these moments there is pain and focus but in the end there is joy and peace, and the knowing that we did it once again.